did you know we are more than just a magazine ?

Introducing the Silvergrain Classics Family

Silvergrain Classics is the analog powerhouse behind PhotoKlassik International magazine. We are a publisher, photography school, studio, and professional laboratory. If there wasnt´t already a shop with that name, we´d call ourselves Analog Wonderland.

We operate a fully equipped photography laboratory and studio, capable of running nearly all photographic processes and offer a broad range of fully analog and hybrid processes to choose from. 

in short, we offer:

  • regular workshops
  • individual instruction
  • rental studio-space
  • rental lab-space
  • high-end drumscanning on Heidelberg scanners

With our two Heidelberg Primescan drum scanners we can provide high-end scans of slides, negatives, and even prints.

Additionally, we can offer in-house RA-4 printing with our Fujimoto processors and can make direct, optical enlargements from color as well as black and white negatives up to 5×7 inch. 

Our lab also offers various other appliances, like large format Epson and Canon ink jet printers, an Agfa Alto film recorder (exposes digital images onto photographic film at 16.000 dpi resolution) and much more.

The studio is equipped with state of the art lighting equipment by Hensel and accommodates photographic equipment of all kinds, even a 50×60 Ultra Large Format Camera, custom built by Chamonix. 

The Silvergrain Studio Lab is open for rentals.

For inquiries, please mail at info@photoklassik-akademie.de or talk to us directly via +49 (0) 6032 9295161

For years, Photoklassik Akdamie has been providing high-end as well as beginner level analog photography workshops all over Europe.

Our workshops are held in beautiful and historical European cities, and combine valuable small group teaching by accomplished photographers, with fantastic tourist opportunities and the chance to get to know other film enthusiasts.

The range of classes offered goes from Large Format Photography, over laboratory work all the way to color management and scanning classes. 

For inquiries, please mail at info@photoklassik-akademie.de or talk to us directly via +49 (0) 6032 9295161

Don´t miss our upcoming workshop with Lina Bessonova in Florence, Italy: Five days of analog photography and darkroom printing against the backdrop of Tuscan hills and medieval palazzos.

The workshop will cover Zone System for film, processing, making contact prints, dodging and burning, toning and retouching, evaluating and scanning negatives and prints – all steps necessary to get you started in film photography or deepen your knowledge of darkroom techniques through a lot of hands-on experience.

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