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We are0% about analog photography
welcome to Photoklassik International
Come in and

Discover the Entire World of Analog Photography

PhotoKlassik International features:

photographs to inspire,
to broaden your photographic horizon.

gear to dream of,
from the smallest Minox to the biggest Ultra Large Format Camera.

techniques from basic procedures to the most advanced processes,
explained by masters of their craft.

a high-quality print,
because a book-quality reproduction doesn’t depend on screen calibration.

online access to selected content,
when you have enough to carry with you when you’re out shooting.



Current Issues

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Before you lies a peak into the entire world of analog photography.

Have you ever felt that only reading blogs on your phone or computer isn´t enough ? We did, and that´s why we brought Photoklassik International to life: We are the world´s first premium quality print magazine entirely about analog photography. 

We believe in Film

so do our Partners who continue to supply our growing global film market but also did so when it almost looked as if film was gone for good in the mid 2000s.

Our Beginnings

Our magazine was made possible by readers like you.

What exatly is Photoklassik International ?


we are an independent and international print magazine, 
all about analog photography.

the magazine is written by photographers 
for photographers.

has book-quality reproductions 
and is a collectible.

brings you articles featuring 
artistic inspiration, techniques, gear and much more.

Film is alive

But information about techniques, processes and all sorts of tips and tricks must be preserved. That´s why we feature not only gear and artists, but also useful know-how about traditional photography. 

Made to last

We also feature artists and deliver to you not only a printed magazine, but also lots of carefully gathered information, inspiration and all that in a high quality print format fit for your bookshelf. 

Gear to dream of

Of course you´ll find lots of insightful articles about gear, too. Although we are intrigued by alternative processes also, we still like to present you gear to dream of and resources on how to use it.

Our Vision

is a bright future for analog photography.

We strive to provide photographers around the world with inspiration, information, and a sense of community. Although there is lots of information available online and many magazines about digital photography, we believe in the need for a printed magazine all about analog photography.

Having a magazine with book-quality reproductions in your hand is like seeing a beautiful print of a photograph, and can’t be compared to content viewed on a screen.

Our focus is both on inspiration and information; showing gorgeous reproductions from film photographers around the world to inspire, and providing insightful articles about techniques and gear to give you the information you need to follow your inspiration.

We’ll also be keeping you up to date with news about trends and new equipment that is becoming available in today’s thriving global film market.

Film is alive. Let´s keep it that way together.

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