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Discover the entire world of analog photography

PhotoKlassik International is a new and different magazine, exclusively about analog photography. We are truly international and feature:

photographs to inspire,
to broaden your photographic horizon.

gear to dream of,
from the smallest Minox to the biggest Ultra Large Format Camera.

techniques from basic procedures to the most advanced processes,
explained by masters of their craft.

a high-quality print,
because a book-quality reproduction doesn’t depend on screen calibration.

online access to selected content, 
when you have enough to carry with you when you’re out shooting.


What Is PhotoKlassik International?

Answers to frequently asked questions:

PKI is an independent print magazine about analog photography, distributed internationally. The magazine is not a translation of the German PhotoKlassik.

It is a completely new publication with its own content and authors. Our magazine is written by photographers for photographers.

We feature book-quality reproductions and offer the highest possible printing quality. PKI is, in effect, a quarterly distributed photography book.

PhotoKlassik International features articles on artistic inspiration, techniques, and gear with a focus on the creative and mindful aspects of contemporary analog photography.

We are no advertisement catalog. We keep ad content relevant and minimal. Also, we don’t publish review after review, or other content easily found online.

Our content is in-depth in a way that a three-minute-read blog entry can’t be.

Who Are We?

We are photographers with a passion for sharing information and inspiration.

We are international with contributors from around the globe.

We are experienced, with a team that combines many decades of work for photographic publications.

In short, we believe in the future of analog photography.

our vision is

The future of analog photography

Our vision is to provide photographers around the world with inspiration, information, and a sense of community.

Although there is lots of information available online and many magazines about digital photography, we believe in the need for a printed magazine all about analog photography. Having a magazine with book-quality reproductions in your hand is like seeing a beautiful print of a photo, and can’t be compared to content viewed on a screen.

The German-language PhotoKlassik magazine based on these ideas has been a huge success for six years and our new international team is taking that experience forward. We are excited to bring together a really first-class team of photographers from different areas of analog photography, from large format landscape to instant street over development specialists and online blogger personalities.

The PK International team is in the final stages of preparation to print our first Special Edition in September 2018. Subscribers will get the magazine delivered to their door and also have online access to selected content right here from this site.

Our focus is on inspiration and information; showing gorgeous reproductions from film photographers around the world to inspire, and writing articles about techniques and gear to give you the information you need to follow your inspiration. We’ll also be keeping you up to date with news about trends and new equipment that is becoming available in today’s thriving film market.

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